2012 Wolves Draft – Ein erster Ausblick

Die Saison neigt sich dem Ende zu, und es brauchen für den angepeilten Platz 5 nur mehr zwei Siege eingefahren werden. Auf Grund der gezeigten Leistungen in den letzten drei Spielen (zwei gute Spiele, ein Pflichtsieg) eine Aufgabe, die durchaus leicht zu lösen sein sollte.
Nun ist es Zeit für einen ersten Ausblick auf die Top – Prospects für den Wolves Entry Draft 2012 (August in Rohrbach, genaues Datum wird noch bekannt gegeben).
Im heutigen ersten Teil widmen wir uns den Top 3 Talenten (Stefan Hausegger, David Colle & Peter Nageler). Da die Wolves – Online – Redaktion aber ziemlich faul ist (Frühjahrsmüdigkeit) und keine Spielerprofile selbst verfasst, hier zusammengefasste Scouting – Reports nahmhafter Scouting Portalen wie TSN, ESPN und NHL.Stefan Hausegger, C

Haus is yet another Ruffnecks player looking to be selected in the top three. He is an extremely talented center with great hands, amazing IQ, extraordinary vision and tons of offensive upside.For hockey scouts from all around the world Hausegger is arguably the most highly skilled player available in the 2012 Wolves Entry Draft. He is an offensive threat who has a quick shot, crisp passes and soft hands. He is a mainstay of Gratwein’s most famous hockey team as their all-time-top-center.In his years in the LL, Hausegger tallied 161 points in 158 games for the Ruffnecks, scoring 93 goals.According to a ESPN interview with Wolves Coach STH, Haus could, if available, be the missing piece of the puzzle and has the ability to give even more power to the world famous Wolves-Offense. ‘In his two Wolves try out games he scored 5 Goals and motivated the whole team which was decisive for this two victories. I was really impressed of his unbelievable force’, so the Coach.Wolves GM Rumor is willing to get to the team him at any costs.

David Colle, D

David Colle is a strong and swift skater with a good shot. Wolves scout Christoph Rumor said during a TSN interview that ‚for a defenceman he has very good feet. He has great acceleration. He’s a powerful skater, very strong on his feet and very mobile‘. Scouts all around the world are also very impressed with his lateral movement and the physical element of his game. The Wolves coaching staff says that Colle can run a powerplay well, and is a big-time player with a great shot. Offensively David is just as good, if not better than he is defensively. David’s puck control is top notch, he’s able to beat players one on one and drives the net like a power forward. The Carinthian native would be the 5th player coming from the most southern state of Austria (also known as ‘the holy land of hockey’). After playing two seasons with the Mammuts, he has the experience and certainly the potential to be a top notch force in the NHL some day.

Peter Nageler, F

A dynamic skater with stellar offensive instincts, Peter Nageler is a star on the rise in Rohrbach Steinberg. During the actual season, he was allowed to train with the Wolves and played one test – game for them. Nageler has an elusive stride that makes him very difficult to contain. His speed is extraordinary for a player with so less experience on such a high level as NHL – Division I. He carries the puck well on his stick and he is very poised. Because he’s not very big or very strong, he can maneuver through tight spaces with ease. Nageler is an offensive threat who has a quick shot, crisp passes and soft hands. He can dangle around opposing defencemen and come in on goal very well. He was one of only a few players that had the chance to play a try out game with the Wolves. There he impressed many with his slick skating and his great on-ice vision.

Go Wolves!

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